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Re: Detailed pictures...Ed's please read
Sep 16, 2012, 11:31
bladup wrote:
tjj wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
bladup wrote:

I really don't get why i'm getting this and nobody else, is it all right on here to say someones idea is shit when they can't prove it is [ and then say later it's in loads of books ], if the answers no i think you should be talking to others as well, i like balance in all things and don't mind what you've said as i pretty much agree but i REALLY hope you're going to tell others how rude they are, as i'd never say someones idea is outright shit [ it's downright rude ], i would just think it!! and for the 3rd time have you read about my experience, i read your negative emotional bit and for balance i think you should read my positive story because it's where i come from, i don't need any of this utter crap, arguing with old people with nothing better to do is no longer for me, as i don't know how it's happened anyway, the kids must have been doing my head in, in the summer holidays and i must have used all this to get away from that, there's sheep dogs on telly did you know?

Yes I read your 'positive' story Paul but didn't reply to it because as I've said before, replying honestly is not always the best course of action to take. I will be honest with you though on this occassion because I feel I have to be because you persist so much. What you do with your life is your business but I base my life and my families lives on what I have seen and experienced and not on what you have. They are two entirely different things. What you are doing is illegal. You are taking and appear to be advocating the use of a Class A drug and quite frankly I think the Ed's should remove the posts from this forum immediately. Freedom of speech is one thing but to appear to be encouraging the use of an illegal substance is totally wrong so I can't in any way agree to what you are doing to yourself or trying to put across to this forum. That is my last word on this but no doubt it will continue to rumble on and detract from far more interesting subjects unless the Ed's take a stand.

Whatever happened to free speech.
I'll be honest ans say I have never taken hallucinogens because I was too scared - sounds like Bladup had a life changing experience but one that would have terrified me if artificially induced.
What has been going on here has started to seem like 'bear-baiting' to me - why didn't you all just stop many posts back. And that includes Tiompan ... was baffled as to why someone of his standing on this forum didn't just walk away.

Remember the 'Clan of the Cave Bear' strategy (the one that's been aimed at my presence here for so long ... it works).

Thank you tjj i'm begining to realise that you're a being of light too [ an angel ], you have warmed my heart, i believe with my wholeheart in freedom of speech too.

Against my better judgement I am back for one more go because it is important and I wish others would back me up on this. Paul, your freedom of speech could land you and your family in very deep water. You have openly admitted over and over that you continually (almost) have mushies AN ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE...A CLASS A DRUG and a prisonable offence!
The world and his wife break into this site and that could inlude the Old Bill. What do you think would happen if you were to go down to your family whist spending time under Her Majesty's pleasure and to you afterwards for possession? No work or chance of getting it so even more time to wander around checking out the stones...but at what cost.
I keep trying to tell you that I'm only saying what I am for your own good, as I see it, through an unclouded vision of real life and having experienced it through my own son, not an 'enhanced' one. Please see it as such. I'm a friend not your enemy.
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