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Re: Detailed pictures
Sep 15, 2012, 03:18
bladup wrote:
harestonesdown wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
I dunno about that. They all look like mushrooms to me, which would be consistent with an obsessive interest in mushrooms to the exclusion of anything else. Is that possible? Do mushrooms do that?

BTW, a book about black puddings should be called The Ileum.

My experience of mushrooms.

Use 50 and you'll get a little tingle all over your body, 100 or so and you'll have fits of uncontrollable laughter that can last for several hours, above that amount and you're into tripping territory, substantially more and you're gonna be seeing the world very differently.
My "trips" have mostly been at the lower end with very little visual effects bar enhanced colours, This all depends on body weight of course.

Mushrooms are often misunderstood, you can have real effects without tripping.

I got into this world of stone circles and the like after a big trip on liberty caps [ it wasn't my first trip ], me and a friend had a life changing experience in lincoln at the spot we later built the stone circle, the mushrooms for some reason had gone purple but were still in perfect condition though, we brewed and drank the potion and went for a walk. When we got to the local park everything was glowing with life [ even though it was dark ] and then we seemed to pass though some sort of veil, i was looking around when my friend said paul, paul look at the stars, as i did every one of them linked together in a massive cosmic 3d jigsaw [ i saw all the stars of our solar system join together ] with that a hole appeared near taurus [ i later found the egyptians call this the duat- which means hole in the sky! ] and with that what can only be described as a dragon of energy came out of it, went up and then crashed back down, it pushed me gently to the floor, i laid there my friend leaning into the cosmic wind, i could see the particles passing right though him, and with that it finished, i couldn't move, i told my friend to lay down but he went and sat on the bench to think about what just happened, as he did great purple columns [ the same colour as the mushrooms ] came crashing down in a circle around me [ the later stones of the circle marked these columns ], as the last one crashed into place i started an inner journey, my friend later said he couldn't get into the circle, i was flying down a tunnel, i can only describe it as what it must be like falling from a building before you hit the ground, and bang i was there, everything was a brilliant white and all i could feel was pure love, i had gone from utter fear to utter love in a moment, i was laid down in pure peace when a figure of pure light appeared from my left, the whole place was light, but this figure was an even purer light, it didn't glow though, it was a brilliantly bright pure white light, the figure stood over me, bent over and shook its head, i could see no features but felt a smile just like you feel a smile from a loved one, it then bent over, it's legs either side of mine and touched me on the shoulder, all i can say to describe it would be cosmic love, i thought as it happened hallucinations don't touch you and make you feel like this, it then looked at me again and i felt another smile and it walked off to my right, and with that i was back in the park [ even though i know my body had never left ], as i got up i felt fixed inside [ i'd had a bad break up with a girl i had lived with and had been wild for a time and felt broken inside ] and at that point i knew i had a new life of happiness ahead, which i have had, my friend looked at me with excitement and said what the hell just happened, i said a miracle and we left that park both knowing all sorts about stone circles and that age [ before this i had only ever heard of stonehenge ] that we didn't know before we went to that park on that night [ this was oct 11 1997 ], we both knew that night that we had lots of wonderful places to visit and we've been visiting ever since, i believe the being that touched me to be a higher form of human, and it will always be my most treasured experience because i believe it saved my life, so therefore everything after [ my family ] i owe to that beautiful being of light on that oh so special night, truly life changing, all my love paul.

Written with soul blood Paul, thanks for sharing. x
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