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Re: Detailed pictures
Sep 14, 2012, 23:23
bladup wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
bladup wrote:
tjj wrote:
bladup wrote:
tjj wrote:
I'm glad your son is fine now Roy - its true that whilst the majority are ok and live to write their autobiography, a few don't come back. Syd Barratt springs to mind.

The opening of the 'gates of perception' is an interesting phenomena and I understand LSD and magic mushrooms do help. But I wonder how many of the great visionary artists and poets (e.g. William Blake) actually used mind altering substances. That's a question not a statement.

Sometimes I think it just happens without any help from anything other than the 'spirit of the natural world'. I may have recounted this before but I'll say it again - the first time I ever really saw the stars, really saw them, was out by Silbury one very cold frosty New Year's Eve. I wasn't expecting it, got out of the car I was a passenger in and was totally blown away by the millions of bright stars that seemed almost close enough to touch. The person I was with didn't have the same experience and its never happened again with quite the same intensity. I was completely sober/straight.

This experience you mention is exactly the same sort of experience you get with mushrooms, but you get the feeling of wonder for hours and hours, to use this as an example shows that even though you haven't done it, you know exactly what it is like and really get it, those past lives eh!!!!!! the substance you use [ the mushrooms] just opens glands in the brain, these glands can sometimes open on their own a little bit without anything at all, it could have been the surroundings or nothing at all, but the result is the same and for a few moments you naturally tripped out, as the things going on in the brain are the same, you just didn't have anything in your blood to keep the effect going. You clearly have a very open mind indeed.

Thanks Bladup, those words are much appreciated. You don't know much about me but you have probably guessed I'm a lot older than you. I spent many years living in London where circumstances caused me to become a single parent. I know both my sons took various forms of recreational drugs and I very grateful they are both fine in their lives now. Someone who helped me through all that, a man who opened many mind-doors for me, died at the age of 50 ... after that everything changed. All the things he loved .. wild flowers, trees, clouds etc suddenly became very vivid and bright, nothing was ever the same again. Life and the natural world became very precious - I hope that makes sense.

Of course it does precious, take my word for it energy is in everything, and his energy at death became part of everything, so when we lose someone we love we can sometimes feel them in everything and everything may remind you of them because part of them [ their energy ] goes into that energy in everything, now someones soul that's a different matter, it sounds to me that this may be waiting for you somewhere nice, he must have been a very special person indeed.

Nicely said bladup.

Thanks a lot Mr, sorry if i upset you earlier and sorry about your lad but i did say there're not for everyone though [ was it natural mushrooms or something from a lab? ] , you see i don't see what we've done as recreational, it was more like a scientific experiment, not in a lab but actually on site at the rock art, stone circle or chambered cairn, what we were seeing is whether the sites would make anything unusual happen, like seeing the energy match the rock art, i have so many tales, but looking at the reaction i don't think this is the place for them.

The problems are that it has been done to death and the experience ,great fun as it may be , is not really an insight into the the site but an insight into yourself . Like dowsers the the site is secondary it's all self centred and about "me" and what I experienced there . Worse , is the acceptance of these experiences as some sort of truth about the site i.e. noesis , when these insights / beliefs /thoughts etc are actually put to the test ,convincing as they might be at the time , they fail .
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