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A quick sketch
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Re: Detailed pictures
Sep 14, 2012, 19:17
moss wrote:
tiompan wrote:

a. That doesnt prove that spirals in rock art are drug induced. Theres a 50% chance they werent.
b. Even if they are, so blinking what? How does "I see cup and rings when high" add to the worlds understanding of cup and rings?


Migraines of course give you at the beginning of their onset a particular visionary experience of wavy lines, amoebas etc, not sure if such attacks went way back in history, but as they can be sometime caused by weather conditions could well be.....

The daft thing about suggesting rock art is drug induced is that the spectrum of motifs is is so small . If the engravers were out of it they would have come up with a much richer palette .
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