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Re: Detailed pictures
Sep 14, 2012, 17:11
bladup wrote:
tjj wrote:
bladup wrote:
tjj wrote:
bladup wrote:
tjj wrote:
Rhiannon wrote:
frankly I think 100 would be more than ample, I can't imagine I'd ever find my way home again if I took 1000 :)

Ye gods, 100!! ... Please don't think I'm being a fuddyduddy - I've been following this discussion with great interest and am impressed at the patience of the answers given. My message to Bladup is clear your mind, do some meditating if helps but do stop taking hallucinogens - I believe they have a long term effect on your mental faculties (someone's got to say it).

I bet i'm so far from what you think i'm like.

I could probably say the same thing Bladup ... I probably said a lot less about myself on this forum than you have. I can tell you this though, I've seen enough good, talented people ruin their lives by taking 'mind altering substances' of various forms. I'm not preaching - really I'm not, just saying there is enough magic and wonder out there to observe and appreciate without the help of anything 'extra'. I know you think so too because I've see your art work and some of your photos. You've mentioned your children a few times - will it be ok for them to follow your example too.

I come from the same place in life as cope i was a knobhead until i opened my mind, substances do ruin some peoples lives but at the other end they are sometimes the making of some people, have you read cope's autobiographies as they show this better than i could ever dream of, if the answers no, i strongly advise you do, it will help you to better understand what i'm saying.

No I haven't got around to it yet ... will make a point of doing so. Thank you!

Please please please do, they are the best autobiographies ever, and pretty cheap as well, they are a bit shocking though, he wouldn't mind me saying he was a complete knobhead [at his first wedding he wouldn't let his wife cut the cake with him as he wanted to do it on his own], and if you do bare in mind it's what we were talking about earlier [ he has children as well and it's all there in a book, and it doesn't seem to have done them any harm].

I have just been reading an extract on Amazon ... o.k. I'll buy them. I know he's got children (and a very lovely wife) - have been past his house a few times when out walking.
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