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Re: The finished circle
Sep 06, 2012, 21:00
tiompan wrote:
bladup wrote:
tiompan wrote:
tiompan wrote:
[quote="bladup"]Stone circles have nothing left in them
[thats why archeologists don't like them]
and when they do find stuff it's from a different age [romans liked leaving coins] to when the circle was built,

A recent example of archaeologists from Reading Uni spending 12 days in Scotland excavating a stone circle that has evidence of previous use prior to the erection of the stones and also producing new finds over and above those found from the previous dig .


Croft moraig isn't a typical stone circle in any way at all, it may even be a very flash cairn, it's got a horseshoe within a circle, i thought it was a very strange place, i was a bit disappointed by the place, but killin stone circle more than made up for that.

The monument at Croft Moraig isn't a typical stone circle but the earlier monument prior to the erection of the horseshoe was and still is a stone circle .It still attracts the attention of archaeologists who manage to discover pre Roman "stuff" despite the large amounts previously discovered including evidence of activity at the site pre -erection of the monoliths .

It seems like it was built on a sort of platform cairn, did they find anything about this, as in newer, older or contemporary with the circle, archaeologists seem more interested in that age than ever, it's about time, the history of that place reminds me of the sanctuarys history, another "stone circle" that isn't, the circle was built to mark the spot of an earlier mortuary enclosure / hut, i've always felt croft moraigs history is almost the same, a very unusual stone circle, so when they dig at places like this [ unusual stone circles ] you will get lopsided facts, and they will try putting "facts" from unusual stone circles onto the more average ones, go dig at killin and i bet you'll get a different story at that place, even though it's just down the road, but they'll no doubt put what they find out at croft moraig on all the circles for miles around, when the place is probably unique.
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