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Re: The finished circle
Aug 06, 2012, 19:27
nigelswift wrote:
I wish I was him, I'd know more. He wishes he was me as he wouldn't be getting all this abuse from you!

"opinions DO NOT HAVE to be backed up or proved right to be valid"
I agree if by "to be valid" you mean "to be an entitlement".
However if you mean "to be accepted as true" or even "to be accepted as likely to be true" I don't - unless of course some convincing evidence is offered. Then the listener is entitled to weigh it and decide.

" i did back it up though"
I disagree. A collection of artefacts don't indicate you were led to them by intuition.

BTW if they came from scheduled sites you shouldn't really take them and if they didn't you ought to report them. (Who knows, they might end up in a dreaded book and people may learn from them!)

You really wish you were him!!!!i wouldn't say he knows more than you, don't you put yourself down!!!![i doubt you do], he is very good at making it look like he knows lots, in an headmaster kind of way, it's rubbish, he can just remember all the books he's read, why does accepted as true by you lot mean anything anyway, not one of you has to even read it, YOU ARE NOT THE TRUTH POLICE and i know my rights i don't have to tell anybody,[for them to put them in some draw somewhere and then get lost], i,ve never moved a thing, most finds are from ploughed fields and i'm been shown where people used to live, you have metel detectorists digging and wrecking all over and you say this to me, you want me to leave it for the next person to pick up---like you would......you've got as pompous as him now.
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