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Re: The finished circle
Aug 06, 2012, 17:23
nigelswift wrote:
bladup wrote:
most of the time their theories are rubbish

To be considered rubbish (or sound) ALL theories need to be tested. That goes for both academics and mystics.

No they don't, in that world they do [prove it, prove it again- oh i can't so therefore it can't be true], just because someone can't prove something is true doesn't make it a lie.... [i know it doesn't make it true either], step out of that world and you SHOULD be free to think what you want, however far out it may seem, history is full of people "knowing this and that" and most of it is now rubbish and whats left will one day be classed as rubbish, thats what i mean by saying it leads from lie to lie, the best that can be said is proving something wrong just leads to something else that is wrong [ sometimes even more so-- we all know that sometimes happens]. like i said science = bombs[ thats what happened], religion=bombs [ thats what happened]--- all from people getting things wrong, lie upon lie and people die, an atomic bomb is a real truth------great- i would rather have a lie thanks.
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