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Re: The finished circle
Aug 06, 2012, 22:52
tiompan wrote:
bladup wrote:
tiompan wrote:
bladup wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
Hmmm, not sharing knowledge isn't confined to academics then!

I said i will, when me little old legs are done, i haven't finished by a long shot yet. [ i said 38 but i had to ask my missus as i feel younger- doesn't time fly when you start getting older?]

What are thee finds ?

A fully intact little flint hand axe [ knapped and polished], parts of axes, spear points, various blades, scrapers, arrowheads and even a flint spoon from norfolk plus loads of different flint tools plus a couple of really old [mesolithic] flint axes and some microliths and lots of bits of beakers, mainly from lincolnshire, norfolk and cornwall, the flint does stand out more here in cornwall because its against the granite. That's why it was always strange finding it in lincolnshire and norfolk, i was never looking, i couldn't see knapped flint in a field full of flint, we was been shown where the settlements were, as they have mostly been [in lincolnshire and norfolk] ploughed out by 4500 years of farming, we would find ourselves in a field somewhere and get a feeling we had been taken to an old settlement and bang we'd stoop down and pick up clearly worked lovely flint pieces [ i know plough damaged flint ], yes we'd found somewhere, it has always happened like that, it's how i've learned about loads of long gone places.

Could you show us some pics ?

I will do when i can get my daughter to find me the time to help me put them on the computer as i'm useless, i can take the pictures though, what should we do with the pictures, i suppose i could put the little axe picture on the zennor site as it was laying in the peat near some nearby barrows, the other stuff [from new sites] maybe send you personally. look out for the zennor one first as she'll do that one as she's done it before for me and it'll be quick enough for her busy live [ well thats what she puts across ].
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