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Re: The finished circle
Aug 06, 2012, 19:31
bladup wrote:

i rollocked somebody for been rude and saying my opinion wasn't as important as his and because i was told i was wrong because a collection of books told him i was wrong, if it was from his own experience i wouldn't have said a thing, it was like having a load of books rammed down your neck, i speak from experience not books, and even when i did speak from burls and barnetts [as i have read these] books i had that rammed back down my throat as well,

If you are talking about my comments your wrong again , you seem incapable of reading and understanding even when it gets pointed out a second time . The comment was "You might like to think your opinion might be as valid as anyone else's , but if your opinion is wrong , in this case the continually unaddressed "Stone circles have nothing left in them " it is not ." For the second time , note the use of valid not important and the qualifier .
For countless posts you avoided facing up to that error now you are laying the blame on Burl and Barnatt , why didn't you own up to that from the start .
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