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Edited Aug 04, 2012, 17:04
Re: The finished circle
Aug 04, 2012, 16:43
...the so called experts are proven wrong time and time again, that in itself is clearly enough to take what they say with a pinch of salt, the same as with a layman.

I’m not quite following your logic here – if both what the expert and the layman say should be taken with a pinch of salt why raise the issue in the first place? It doesn’t get us very far does it, as we’ll need to take the pronouncements of both (along with everyone else's presumably) with the same degree of salt intake.

Personally, I prefer the views of the expert over those of the layman because the former has (presumably) spent a fair bit of time studying his subject, and being assessed by his peers, whereas the layman might be more of a lone wolf with not much going to support his ideas. That’s not to say that both can’t be completely right or completely wrong, but that the expert at least probably knows more about his subject than the layman.

Forget about the archaeologist and consider the master craftsman. Which would you employ, put your trust in and believe – the master carpenter who knows his wood and his tools because he’s spent 20 years plus as an apprentice, then a journeyman and finally a master carpenter or the Johnny-come-lately willow-whittler with plenty of fancy theories but no idea how to sharpen a chisel correctly (we get plenty of those here so maybe that’s why you’ll often hear the concerted sigh of, “Here we go again.” go up).

Anyway, apart from all that, once again congrats to the peeps who got this circle up and running – all the baloney about dating it x years hence and the inappropriateness of ‘smelling the stones’ is just that – baloney. If you want to apply that criticism then apply it also to stone hugging, crystal burying, tealight burning, etc, etc etc.

So loosen up, anything that helps people appreciate our megalithic heritage, gives them a pleasurable day out and leads them on perhaps to a greater understanding of that heritage (especially when it’s paid for out of the creators’ own pockets) is worthy of a pat on the back.
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