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Re: The finished circle
Aug 06, 2012, 11:28
Sanctuary wrote:
bladup wrote:
Littlestone wrote:
Well said that man.

This is a subject in which we share such a common interest and such a common passion – gawd knows then why it attracts so much agro. Is it because so much is improvable, so consequently we fill the vacuum with our own pet theories, experiences, likes and dislikes? Then get ratty when those things are challenged?


That is better than this place been like some boring academic paper, i really think the idea of this place was against that world as cope wasn't academic , take the truth from that world and add to it with are wonderful imaginations, it all seems to me that it's all got a little too academic, this site has less and less great mystics like paul1970 and the angle people like that come from in his fieldnotes , it would be really really bad if those peolple felt pushed away because of the closed soul world of academics, i feel this may be happening, which is such a shame as even the modern antiquarian could be pulled apart by so called academics, and look what a wonderful book that has been for so many of us.

You should write and publish your own book Bladup. You won't be held back by restraints put on academics who are expected to offer proof of their claims and are in the main reluctant to offer any far out ideas or 'feelings' they may well have. You are in a position to say what you like, when you like and no comeback on you or loss of future revenue because of it. I did it and will do it again ASAP. The same applies to all of us. If you have something to say then go for it, don't just sit back and whinge about academics as that will get you nowhere at all. What you would bring to the table would be possibly something new and refreshing and not considered seriously before, something that those academics/archaelogists would begin to think about but something they could not claim as their own as you would have beaten them to it...and in print! I, and just about all on this forum, have ideas and inspirations and we feed off each other gaining knowledge along the way that may be either 'with us or against us' in our thoughts. Where we want to take it after that is up to us as individuals. We can either sit back and argue our case over and over on forums or do something practical about it. Just a word of warning though...don't expect an easy ride. You have shown to be a mine of information of sorts, what you need to do now is go out and show that what you claim has a solid foundation to it or suffer the consequences which is what academics never subject themselves to.
All the above is said in a friendly way with no malice intended. Just go for it.

I loved "You have shown to be a mine of information of sorts", i really couldn't have put it better myself- i think it's the "of sorts" bit that gets me into trouble, i've always thought all the stuff in my head needs a place to go [as a lot of us do- look at you with all your books], but my writing skills [i don't have any!!!] leave a lot to be desired, but thanks as you know a lot of things that were once classed as mad are now classed as fact, and my problem with academics is proving things are right that are hard to prove [ without been like them- which would stop me been like me], it should be their job to prove us wrong, but that can't happen because most of the time they don't even know what i'm talking about and because they don't know what your talking about [ and therefore not understand it] just dismiss it out of hand, in their world nothing would ever get learnt without the mystics [ having truths for them to prove right or wrong], but that really is my main problem with that world something "proved wrong" by them will probably be "proved right" many years later by the same sort of people just with better technology, they can't seem to see that history proves them wrong time and time again in an ever changing world, maybe the stuff i know is meant for me and should be more personal, i have people who know what i'm on about, so they clearly don't think i'm mad, it's when i put something outside that group that i get trouble, so maybe i shouldn't do it- a mystic should be mysterious i guess!!!! i do know certain information is for certain people only though, as you are a mystic yourself - look how you let avebury [or the things there] get into you and teach you, so it heartens me that people like you are out there. thanks, and hey the first [sheep]dogs were probably trained up on windmill hill before avebury was even built, your own past life was probably one of the trainers [ it would explain your twin interests] .
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