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Re: The finished circle
Aug 08, 2012, 15:58
Sanctuary wrote:
bladup wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
thesweetcheat wrote:
drewbhoy wrote:
Old Keig is still in fine shape, tho the path at the top of the path is booby trapped with spiky things which I saved SC from standing by promptly standing them myself. Nae luck!!

... and I was very grateful.

I trust you showed your appreciation by plying him with copious amount of Old Ke(i)g SC!!!! :-)

i can imagine drewboy ploughing though barb wire to get to somewhere new, so is his dedication, like i said superstar!!!

Drew's been known the cross minefields to reach a new watering hole :-)

Yep! Drew's a superstar ... he wouldn't just cross a minefield to reach a new watering hole. He'd have a go at dismantling it too.
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