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Re: The finished circle
Aug 05, 2012, 19:02
bladup wrote:
thesweetcheat wrote:
bladup wrote:
Sorry it should have said wannabe academics, i don't know if there are any real academics [ in a relevant field ] on here, it's not something that would interest me, ...

I think it's a bit wasteful to dismiss people because they are educated or professionals, equally as much as it is to dismiss people because they aren't. Everyone brings something different to this website (and this whole area of interest), and there's a place for both the visionary and the academic, in my opinion.

You mentioned yourself that you have books by John Barnatt and Aubrey Burl, both "proper" archaeologists, whose opinions I guess you respect. The archaeologist can learn from the lay person, who might well suggest ideas that the archaeologist never thought of, and often will visit sites the archaeos haven't the resources to bother with (and Tiompan deserves huge credit for doing that himself). Similarly the lay person can learn a load from the professional. Think how limited our discussions on here would be if we hadn't all picked up things that have been codified and classified already (e.g. portal dolmen, wedge tomb, passage grave, recumbent stone circle).

I'm not dismissing anybody it just doesn't matter to me if they are academic or not, and it shouldn't to anybody else should it?

No, that's my point really.
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