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Re: The finished circle
Aug 06, 2012, 09:12
bladup wrote:
tiompan wrote:
bladup wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
I just meant your experience at the site is adequate for you but is of no value to anyone else who is trying to work out what happened there.

Why not? i would be interested if it was someone else.

In this field subjective impressions usually tell us more about the person , their culture and period they live in than the object being experienced .

But boy i have a lot of objects, that is the proof-----real items, beautiful items, not something in my head [i get shown it, i don't even look!!], i'm to busy looking at the landscapes, people may be able to use metal detectors for metal, but theres nothing like that for what i end up with.

People find objects all the time , it doesn't mean they have been led to them , although some may believe so from a religio/mystico perspective .Those who find things without that perspective put it down to hard work ,being in the right place ,study , having an understanding of where to expect to find these things , luck and other unconscious motivations that could be subsumed under intuition , which is in effect knowing without knowing , the norm of everyday consciousness .
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