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Re: The finished circle
Aug 05, 2012, 20:11
nigelswift wrote:
bladup wrote:
i got a feeling that i was at a place where they cut the flesh on dead bodys before they were left out to rot and picked over by birds, then the bones that were left where probably taken to zennor or elsewhere, i asked in my head to be shown if i was right and with that i saw sticking out the peat between the two barrows a little perfect flint axe, as i picked it up something inside me said " yes and that what they used" it must have flown of it's handle when in use as it looks unused and is perfectly polished on the blade as if it was just about to be used, how would the academics explain that- they would still probably label me mad [ but i have the axe and the experience].

No they wouldn't label you as mad, they'd say (hopefully) you have a right to your perceptions. On the other hand, they'd give your perceptions short shrift in any discussion about what happened at the site. Are you saying they'd be wrong to do so?

Of course the place isn't a barrow it's a mortuary enclosure, [if that is what you meant?], see it's not a one off i have loads of similar stories[ finding worked flint to prove people lived there - just from a feeling- they will show you, if you ask - only if they like you!!!], i'm not mad just a normal[ish] family guy, other things are making me know stuff, i do not chose what i learn, i find it very hard to read books [ i don't]- there is much better [and more fun] ways to learn, people seemed to learn enough before books even existed, didn't they?? in fact the things learnt before books are probably the only real truths.
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