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Edited Aug 06, 2012, 00:43
Re: The finished circle
Aug 05, 2012, 23:29
nigelswift wrote:
I just meant your experience at the site is adequate for you but is of no value to anyone else who is trying to work out what happened there.

Why not? i would be interested if it was someone else. You probably would be shocked at how much i've found from places in this way - learning though finds is clearly of value, i have found full axes ,parts of axes, spear points, various blades, scapers, arrowheads and even a flint spoon and loads of different flint tools, i also know what everything is without learning about it, i just know what it is when i hold it [how?], it is all very beautifully worked stuff [not plough damaged stuff, i know the difference], somehow i am becoming very very knowledgeable on the matter {how do i do that without books?}, so i must be doing something of value, those items are better than words or books-- i tell you, you would be shocked, i feel i'm shown/taken to all of it, the proof is the finds, i don't think this happens to everyone, have you found anything on your travels? [at most, people may have found 1 or 2 things, i've gone little bit past that], i tell you something happens, it's like i've got my own museum going on, if that isn't a bit odd i don't know what is. You would be shocked...
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