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Re: The finished circle
Aug 05, 2012, 11:07
bladup wrote:
That is an absolutely amazing story, i couldn't agree more [ about everything ], i really believe everything should be almost the same at zennor , i know they are a little different but i see them as brother and sister because they are so similar, i was up there the other day and was trying in my head to put the stones blasted off for the building the knobhead was trying to build back together, you could fit it all back together nicely as everythings still there [even if some are in bits, they could be put back together, i've seen it tastefully done once or twice] , and the capstone has slipped off to the side, so your something special [ is it a mortise and tenon joint] could be the same at zennor as it probably used the same method [i think the angle may be the same as well ], i found a little flint axe up on the moor quite near last year as well, so i feel it's a place with lots to give. Hey you could make plastic models and instead of airfix they could be called stonefix....

We also have an engraving William Borlase made showing the quoit before the capstone collapsed, together with the remains of a surrounding cairn, although obviously we don't know how much more (if any) of the structure was covered by the cairn originally.

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