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Re: The finished circle
Aug 06, 2012, 17:58
tiompan wrote:
bladup wrote:
tiompan wrote:
bladup wrote:
[quote="nigelswift"]"it should be their job to prove us wrong"

Should it? Shouldn't it be their job to test THEIR theories, not yours?

Equally, as I understand it, you say you know stuff about sites intuitively and you offer as proof the fact you have a higher artefact finds rate than everyone else. Isn't it your job to demonstrate that's true, not simply assert it?

I have all the stuff and where it's from, that's clearly proof enough, it's all here , but why would i lie? i'm an honest person, but even photo's wouldn't satisfy everyone would they? and regarding theories most of the time their theories are rubbish as those types of people have no imagination and have learned everything from other people in the flesh and out of books, they fill themselves up with other peoples crap and have no room for anything themselves, a lot of it is just layer upon layer of lies, backing up the last lie, a monolopy of rubbish knowledge, real truth in an ever changing world is a bit trickier than people think, but thats what people want - some truth to grab onto- the next thing you have monsters like science [with it's bombs] and religion [with it's bombs], when we live within nature we are ok. By looking outward all the time we have forgot to look within!!

If something , relevant to this discussion or website , is a lie or wrong and you can refute it do so . Pointing out errors clears the waters .

No nothings a lie and what i'm saying is it's wrong for anyone to say someones wrong when there is a chance that they're right, before carbon dating 99 % of people got dates wrong, but 1 % got them right, to some it's just lucky guessing, to others they somehow knew, so because in time everything's proved wrong it's probably also wrong to say anybody's wrong, no matter how far out their idea because for all we know they could one day be proved right. This is hard i know but it is true----- look though history, it isn't hard, one day people will laugh at what we thought like people laugh at things in history [look how popular horrible histories on kids telly is at the moment], really one day people from the future will laugh at what some people from our age now think....they probably already are!! oohhherrr

Your form of epistemological nihilism , as pointed out yesterday , is self contradictory . If everything is ultimately going to be wrong then so is that statement , and any other comment you make , it's a schoolboy howler to get off doing any work , or allowing twittering nonsense in the hope that it might one day it might be right . It doesn't work like that , not every nonsensical statement is right for fifteen minutes and some “facts “ much older than 500 years , produced by those who actually made an effort , are still as good a model and still as useful today .[/ Just because it's "epistemological nihilism" doesn't mean it's wrong and loke you said we covered that yesterday, but go on give me some real truths i want a laugh.....
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