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Re: The finished circle
Aug 06, 2012, 12:35
Evergreen Dazed wrote:
My understanding is that science, broadly, is a continual progression toward what are, unsatisfactorily, called 'truths' by a process of experiment and confirmation/rejection.

I had an ear infection a few weeks ago and because at some point in the past I have been told that it’s the best thing to do in the situation, I went to visit my doctor. He himself has been told by somebody else that other individuals in the past have performed certain experiments, attempting to discover a ‘cure’ for the ailment from which I was suffering. The doctor gave me some medicine, which his education and my previous experience and trust in established ‘truths’ told me I should take. I took the medicine and my ear infection cleared up.
Therefore, I would recommend a trip to the doctors to other people suffering with an ear infection, simply because a ‘truth’ is that it solved my problem.

Perhaps at some point in the future it will become a 'truth' (by some form of adequate experiment) that people, or perhaps even only a certain sort of person, can be led to objects, knowledge in the way you describe, bladup.
I, for one, would absolutely love that to be the case, because it’s very very exciting.
I think it is fair to say that in the meantime you may have to wait for the world to catch you up on this one. Which, keeping in mind my experience with the GP, and the way we progress as a society, is surely totally understandable?

I've had 'odd' experiences myself, things I can't readily explain from my experience as a human being on this planet, educated to understand the planets natural 'laws' and it's functioning. But I can’t claim to have an understanding of what they are, what caused them to happen or what they mean. However tempting and exciting it is, I resist attaching my own ideas to these happenings because other experiences throughout my life have shown me that I can be very very wrong indeed! And, really, what basis do I have?
It’s disappointing almost, but I have to remain rational or I have no base upon which to place genuine knowledge when it comes along. (such as if your experiences, bladup, turn out to be ‘truths’ in the future).
I cannot allow myself to indulge in these, certainly attractive, ideas with no basis.
I would be doing myself a total disservice.

Some could suggest I have little, perhaps ‘intrinsic sense’ or ‘feeling’ for what is happening when I experience odd things in my own life, but do I think and feel all manner of very unusual things. I get very strong ‘feelings’ when I visit some ancient sites for example, including sadness, fear. But I don’t know what it means or how those feelings are created, or what for. I can also have these feelings when listening to music or doing a bit of housework.. :)

In some of my more ‘spiritual’ moments, when I’ve attempted to open myself up (er, so to speak) or ask another ‘entity’ to impart knowledge to me (what a nutjob, eh?) I have to be honest with myself and say it doesn’t seem to do anything other than make my mind go on a shopping spree of sorts. But I still WANT to believe in these possibilities, and that is why I must be so careful with what I let myself regard as real.

But I don't believe that everybody who claims to have seen, for example, a 'ghost' (whatever that is) is lying or mistaken. I think some people experience things, visual or otherwise, that are outside of our ‘usual’ experiences, or things we all recognise, and that is not necessarily to do with malfunction of the machinery we use to establish these everyday ‘truths’ in the first place.

Tiopman, I think you are partially correct about culture when considering UFO sightings and the like, but that alone does not explain away the ‘unrecognised’ experience.
The way people describe happenings or the importance they place upon them may be linked to their culture, time of living, but it doesn't mean that something outside of our current understanding or ‘truths’ (experiment/confirmation) isnt actually happening.

Apologies for banging on.

Good post , E D . ,not banging on . In many cases of UFO sightings , ghosts etc I do believe they can be explained away but I do agree entirely that there is plenty outside of our current understanding , we are beginners . Although it is an old chestnut and has become overused by the paranormalists the Bards Horatio comment will always be true .
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