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Re: The finished circle
Aug 06, 2012, 18:27
nigelswift wrote:
"Can't prove" doesn't mean "can't be true".
On the other hand, "can't prove" is a pretty poor basis on which to try to convince anybody of anything.
Especially if you also rollock them for not being convinced!

Nobody rollocked anybody for not been convinced, ANYBODY can think what they want -freedom of thought is our one lost true freedom, i rollocked somebody for been rude and saying my opinion wasn't as important as his and because i was told i was wrong because a collection of books told him i was wrong, if it was from his own experience i wouldn't have said a thing, it was like having a load of books rammed down your neck, i speak from experience not books, and even when i did speak from burls and barnetts [as i have read these] books i had that rammed back down my throat as well, there is rudeness there [ a bit of give and take is all right by me- he seems fine-i'm fine, there's no harm done, i feel he was rude to me before i was to him,and i'm sure he thinks the same, but it doesn't matter!!] opinions DO NOT HAVE to be backed up or proved right to be valid, there isn't that rule here-you lot are not the truth police, i did back it up though and still had trouble, thats why this place has lost so many interesting hippy types, because to some they have to prove [back up] everything they say,which is a shame because they don't have to do they really? , and anyway are you two the same person, if not i suggest a pagan handfasting marriage,
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