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Re: The finished circle
Aug 05, 2012, 20:16
tiompan wrote:
bladup wrote:
tiompan wrote:
bladup wrote:
tiompan wrote:
bladup wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
bladup wrote:
wannabe academics

Have you considered whether we might all occupy a single spectrum of academics or experts?

I think it's wrong to think there are two distinct camps.

I think i have just experienced it!! i was told my opinion wasn't worth as much as somebody else [ who clearly feels is an expert himself ].

Maybe you should read what was said ""You might like to think your opinion might be as valid as anyone else's , but if your opinion is wrong , in this case the continually unaddressed "Stone circles have nothing left in them " it is not . "" . Note the qualifier "but if your opinion is wrong " .
Regardless , believing that one's person's opinion is as good as anyone's else's is just pathetic relativism often heard from those with a bit of a chip on the shoulder . Do you really think that your or my opinion on the import of the discovery of the Higgs boson is as valid as someone who might actually know something about the subject ?

Yes you gave me the chip, it was NOT unaddressed, and yes because the hicks boson will probably be proved bollocks in 500 years, because that's how history works------- just look back though it..............

But the comment has shown to be wrong .That's how science works , it is never "right" just continually providing better models of reality . It's only the those who use non falsifiable comments that can't be wrong .No our opinion is worthless compared to those who anything about it .

Now we're getting somewhere and i proudly stick to everything i have wrote, i think you are wrong and the the future will prove me right-- i am entitled to my opinion as are you.

We might be entitled to an opinion it doesn't mean it should be necessarily meaningful or worth considering .
Where was I wrong ?
According to you "....will probably be proved bollocks in 500 years, because that's how history works " and "the future will prove me right " therefore with that reasoning what you were proved right about will probably be proved bollocks 500 years later .

You got it!!!!!! that's right and i accept that with all my heart because that's how life works.
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