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Re: The finished circle
Aug 06, 2012, 22:03
bladup wrote:
tiompan wrote:
bladup wrote:
tiompan wrote:
bladup wrote:
tiompan wrote:
bladup wrote:

i rollocked somebody for been rude and saying my opinion wasn't as important as his and because i was told i was wrong because a collection of books told him i was wrong, if it was from his own experience i wouldn't have said a thing, it was like having a load of books rammed down your neck, i speak from experience not books, and even when i did speak from burls and barnetts [as i have read these] books i had that rammed back down my throat as well,

If you are talking about my comments your wrong again , you seem incapable of reading and understanding even when it gets pointed out a second time . The comment was "You might like to think your opinion might be as valid as anyone else's , but if your opinion is wrong , in this case the continually unaddressed "Stone circles have nothing left in them " it is not ." For the second time , note the use of valid not important and the qualifier .
For countless posts you avoided facing up to that error now you are laying the blame on Burl and Barnatt , why didn't you own up to that from the start .

Opinion is wrong-----who says? it could be right!!

Have you failed to notice the stream of refutations ? It only needs one example to show it is wrong , there are countless examples .

In your opinion!! honestly not mine, i mean this, i am not winding you up, we come from such different places ,mindsets and ways of learning that we would probably never agree, you see i've always been shit academically , this is balanced with something else, i do not know [pastlives?] were the knowledge comes from but i trust it with my life- this is the reason why i believe so much and you will never change my mind on what we have been talking about[ you could on other stuff], it's a past live thing you see, and better than books, we can't even meet in the middle as we wouldn't agree where it was!!!!

First of all I should make clear that I'm not interested in discussing subjective feelings or experiences at prehistoric sites anymore than than what people feel after listening to Beethoven or 50 cent . Ok you don't accept rational evidence based arguments . That's fine but your problem then is when you meet someone or others with the same attitude who disagrees with you on something that is factual /falsifible , they " know " just as you do .Somebody must be wrong , maybe all , how do decide ?

No my reality doesn't have to be the same as [any] somebody else's, my reality is my reality and their reality is their reality, we go though life together but all experience things differently, so everybodies reality is unique to them, there are lots of things where i could think one thing and another person something else and both be right, as you know sometimes they might go together to create something more.

Sounds like a kind fairyland where you don't have to make any effort , you just know stuff , even if people disagree with you you can both be right and all those who think they know things will proved to be wrong eventually .
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