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Re: Alexander Keiller's Avebury
Feb 08, 2013, 07:25
VBB wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
VBB wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
Littlestone wrote:
harestonesdown wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
From British Archaeology today:

" Wiltshire museums say, stop digging!
British Archaeology believes two Wiltshire museums are the first to call a stop to archaeological excavation. Archaeologists are digging up so much stuff, that there is nowhere to store it and no money to pay to look after it. The museums say the situation is unsustainable, and contravenes national planning policy. They will object to new development proposals until a solution can be found."

That puts an extra dimension onto this thread.

As i suggested regarding EKLB, all finds should be reburied after examination, there would be cost implications obviously but in my mind it's the right thing to do.

Yup, meanwhile asking archeo’s to stop digging is a little like Oxfam asking those that support it not to contribute any more food or clothing because it has nowhere to store them!

In other words the problem lies with inadequately funded or poorly located museums (not to mention those museums that have closed or are threatened with closure). Get the museum issue sorted and you not only create more job opportunities for archaeologists (and are there any archaeologists out there who would not jump at the opportunity to do what they have been trained to do!) you also create job opportunities for the museum staff – staff who not only deal directly with the public but also those working behind the scenes - the cleaners, conservators, curators, interns etc.

Or...advertise for a few more Keiller's to arrive on the scene who care about our heritage and are prepared to take an active part and contribute funds. Shame he was an amateur though :-)

Research projects that want to dig something up simply factor the cost of storing what they want to recover from a dig, those that haven't have cocked up and should be sent packing and made to write out a hundred million times ....

Missing Bargain Hunt gets you in a right bad mood, and if it was the lovely Catherine Southon I shall be beside myself all weekend!

You only like her cos she's bossy and would dominate you :-)

How can you say she's bossy? Classy and fun and very sweet to OFs that don't know what they are doing - like us! :)

You must have missed her in a recent Antiques Road Trip when she was giving a seller a hard time (don't go there!!) :-)
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