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Jeremy Corbyn
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Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Sep 14, 2015, 11:24
Is that a result of immigration? As everyone keeps saying, the vast majority of immigrants tend to flock to the cities as that's where the jobs are at. Our countryside being overtaken, if it is, seems much more a result of this insane Free Market philosophy of the public should own nothing, and everything, from our eyelids to our toenails, should have a price tag on it. I've actually walked from Brighton to around Newcastle before (I was gunning for Scotland, but bottled out) and the actual size of cities and towns in relation to the surrounding countryside tends to be surprisingly small. Not that most of the locals know that- they're so ensconced in their Kafka world of bricks they mentally imagine the world is built of wall-to-wall cities. They have that effect on you. There are so many ways we could improve housing if we were willing to do things like implement caps on how many you can own, and how much you can charge for them, as well as utilise some of the land (generally not country soil) councils own, but we're living in the demented philosophy of cats like Milton Friedman and Adam Smith, so that's not likely to happen until someone like Corbyn gets to flex his muscles.
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