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Jeremy Corbyn
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Edited Jul 18, 2015, 11:39
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Jul 18, 2015, 11:08
carol27 wrote:
Sin Agog wrote:
Aw, he was my gran's favourite ever politician before she died (I grew up in Islington). Here's hoping he ends up being a real phoenix from the ashes. What were the odds that one of the last true socialists in Labour's roster would come this close to leading the bloody party? Not...what I expected at all. I figured a political businessman/woman was a shoe-in for the Labour leadership.

Well we should activate & get behind him. I'm sick of hearing that the general public won't accept him, like Michael Foot, or even Ed Milliband. Comparisons to Derek Hatton; the negative Tory backlash - via the Telegraph et al has started already; advocating its readers join the Labour party at a newly reduced rate & vote for Jeremy cos it'll ruin the Labour party forever,cos nobody will vote for such a "radical" left winger. Since when did a humanist become a "radical"? And, what's wrong with radical anyway?
What a hold the Tories have, manipulating us all like a bunch of puppet masters. Are we puppets? Of course they're more worried about Andy Burnham who they think may be electable, being a bland yes sayer; but Jeremy is dangerous,lets make him a joke. Make no mistake they want to decimate the Labour party.Remember Michael Foot at the Cenotaph? Remember Tony Benn?
Anyway I'm preaching to the converted. Should maybe get off my arse & campaign instead of ranting on here.

There are a lot of people even here that will need a push to spend their £3. Out in the "real world" it is even worse. Most Labour voters I know are obsessed with the need to win with the priority being to have someone "electable" at the helm. They are not a minority. They just can't agree on a candidate. I have heard not a single soul speak passionately about one of the other candidates. Someone on Andrew Neil's show said we should elect Yvette Cooper as it will give the world a chance to see what a lovely bloke and top economist Ed Balls is. WTFF does that even mean? Cos, you know, a woman couldn't be trusted to lead the party on her own or anything as outlandish and 22nd century as that!

I look at Stella Creasy's work fighting (and winning) against the Pay Day Loan scum and believe we should be obsessed with the need to campaign vigorously on specific issues regardless of election results. With the Lib Dems dead and buried elections these days are going to be won in places where Labour have absolutely no shot. As the opposition in the House of Commons we look like a bunch of career wonks waiting patiently for our turn to hold the steering wheel without any intention of actually changing direction. Time Labour went back to its roots as a pressure group fighting for the rights and protection of working people. End of.

Anyway for me it is the Progress lot who should be expelled this time. Bringing the Labour Party into disrepute should be a thing. Maybe it *is* a thing.
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