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Jeremy Corbyn
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Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Sep 08, 2015, 16:46
I think from an English perspective, if you have not followed Scottish politics prior to the referendum or the GE, you could probably be swayed by little information or evidence. In which case, personality plays a disproportionate part.

For instance, I think Nicola Sturgeon outperformed all the other leaders in the televised debates, every single time (although I thought Leanne Wood was excellent too). I'm not for a minute saying that performance on TV equates to being to most suitable candidate, or having the best policies, but for an audience who weren't necessarily well versed in (Scottish) politics she was impressive. I don't think Angry Salmond would have come across nearly as well in her place. Let's face it, the electorate can be swayed by the things like how someone looks eating a bacon sandwich, so all this stuff counts in votes.

Conversely, Labour did not sell themselves at all well in the GE. Whereas Sturgeon and Wood came across as calm, measured and capable, with strong anti-austerity messages (whatever SNP's track record), Ed Miliband with his "Hell yes", his pledge to cap immigration as a response to UKIP and his bloody great big stone won't have won over many wavering voters. His message was unclear, he pandered too much to the fears and prejudices of the centre-right and sadly he didn't exactly ooze confidence in the debates.

Labour needs to re-engage its core voters for a start. Corbyn is the only candidate who can even begin to do this.
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