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Jeremy Corbyn
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Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Jul 19, 2015, 13:17
I suspect Corbyn only plans to stay in for a couple of years after implementing some severe overhauls, but say these oily mutineers did kick him out, he'd still probably only get voted right back in again.

There's a certain paradigm with left-right politics you see happening over and over: the right-wing, when they get in power, can be wilful mavericks, doing whatever they please and getting away with murder until people finallyfancy a change for change's sake, but the left, when in power, hedge and fudge and obfuscate because they fear that, should they be just as commandeering as their gun-totin' opposition, it would be political suicide. When's the last time they really tried being obstinate, uncompromisingly left-wing bastards? Despite the Red Ed rhyme, Gordon Brown's policies in 2010 were far more leftist than the latest Labour platform. The press are well aware that if they repeat something enough, people will believe it (hence the Red Ed shit)- it looks like they've already got the "Corbyn is unelectable" mantra in people's heads before he's even done a thing. It seems to me that yet another besuited branch manager lookin' Labour leader is what is really unelectable.
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