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Edited Aug 23, 2015, 11:42
Re: Shame on The Guardian
Aug 23, 2015, 11:36
Judging by this piece and by the sheer volume of examples of subtle or belittling anti JC statements therein there i s editorial bias, and Monbiot was a one off strident sop to try and maintain or give an illusion of cred to a readership which must have a a considerable 'pro' element while there has been a constant 'anti' undercurrent. Medialens has caught the Guardian out, and I do not think this is the first time. As for the 'Comment is Free' section, the title is bollocks, it is overseen/monitored by people who delete or do not allow posts on certain subjects that do not support their worldview, eg the ME. This has been very well documented on Craig Murray's site in the past, particularily in the comments. For some Comment is Barred.
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