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Jeremy Corbyn
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Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Jul 31, 2015, 09:05
Lump Of Green Slime wrote:
They aren't necessarily of the same vintage or prominence and I haven't read them all but Tony Judt, David Harvey, Ha Joon Chang (a South Korean economist based at Cambridge) and Terry Eagleton are all worth a look.

Chang, in particular, is wonderful at demystifying Economics in order to challenge the neoliberal consensus. And he does it the best way, with easy to understand number crunching. His books 'Economics: A Users' Guide' and '23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism' are seminal.

After you've read these titles (and his prose is immensely clear and engaging), when a Tory or Tory-lite neoliberal tells you that something is 'bad for the economy' on the telly you'll know that it's almost certain that they are talking out of their arse.

Incidentally, I tend to lurk rather than post in this forum. But I have enjoyed reading this thread and finally felt that I had something to contribute.

I'm also not necessarily a fan of Corbyn or all-that politically engaged. My views are that essential services like power, transport, health and education should be under state control while the rest can be left to the vibrancy of the markets.

What does that make me? A 'leftie'? A market socialist? I'm asking because I don't feel that I'm all that radical and fairly MOR in fact.

These days that would make you, to quote Labour leadership contender Liz Kendall, a fantasist and an extremist. Welcome to the hard left ;-)
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