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grufty jim
grufty jim
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Edited Aug 12, 2015, 20:57
Re: Alastair Campbell ...
Aug 12, 2015, 20:57
stray wrote:
When are these twats going to realise that they're 'oh noes, the sky will turn red and rain frogs if Corbyn wins' pronouncements are having the complete opposite effect to what they intend. As they're as universally despised by those who will actually be voting as any face on the Tory front bench is.

Blair's at it again. Apparently Labour faces annihilation if Corbyn becomes leader.

Thing is, as I've said already, I actually kind of agree with him. I don't think the New Labour tendency (which - after all - forms the bulk of the Parliamentary Party) can exist within a Corbyn-led party. I watched him on Andrew Marr and came away puzzled (and quite heartened) by just how unashamedly left-wing he really is.

I'm not saying we can expect farm collectivisation to feature in the next Labour manifesto or anything, but he is a long way to the left of Blair and those that followed him. And I don't see them accepting his leadership.

At that point the only real question is whether the split comes in the form of a mass migration of MPs to the Lib Dems (who would probably welcome the colonisation and assimilation with open arms) - or whether they form an official "New Labour Party" - though the costs and logistics of that would far exceed the LibDem colonisation strategy.

What remains of Labour when the right jumps ship might not survive as a significant force in UK politics. Clearly I hope otherwise, but the risk is always there when a movement splits.

Corbyn impressed me more than I expected him to. Which makes me very pessimistic about his chances of mainstream success ;-)
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