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Jeremy Corbyn
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Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Sep 09, 2015, 20:22
Sigh... sadly I think you're right - we're unlikely to find common ground as we seemingly just don't understand each other.

All I'm saying is the Tories won an outright majority that surprised many people.

A core message that they invested millions into was 'Vote Tory, get SNP'.

I'm of the view that this was one (albeit) of many factors that lead to fewer people than many expected voting for Labour

Interesting quote from one of your links supposedly disproving this

"...a huge problem for Labour when it became clear that in order to govern, it would have to rely on parliamentary support from a resurgent Scottish National Party, predicted to win almost all the constituencies north of the border. Labour suffered from too much uncertainty about its program, and its leader’s credibility, to withstand fears among English voters of Scottish nationalist influence."

I agree with the author Mandelson that the spectre of Salmond holding sway in a coalition hit the Labour vote - you say it had no impact - you helpfully post another link in which Milliband's 'advisors' are of the view that the SNP spectre was a factor - you say it had no impact.

Then a few more links (one so good that you linked it twice!) which put forward other theories and reasons for the defeat (for the avoidance of doubt I know of no one saying the SNP factor was the sole reason) most of which I'd concur with as factors (indeed probably bigger factors)

Grufty you're clearly a bright chap but your seemingly pathological refusal to acknowledge viewpoints put forward in two of the links that YOU chose to post does you scant credit

Anyway that's me done, I really had no intention to get drawn into an exchange of this sort when I posted initially.

Quite happy to leave the last word/s to you!
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