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Jeremy Corbyn
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Edited Sep 14, 2015, 08:50
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Sep 13, 2015, 18:23
Captain Starlet wrote:
Please not that stupid article! I'd give it credence if it wan't just pointless complaining! Here's the crux, which A LOT of women agree with me on. If a woman was worth voting for she'd have been elected! The two women, which filled 50% of the candidates led very poor and negative campaigns so they didn't get in. That's how democracy works and if Suzanne Moore and her fans don't like it, tough shit!

Here's another point on that. Does any one supporting that article remember how many women were involved in the 2010 leadership? I'll give you a clue, it was 1 (after Diane Abbot dropped out early in the process) and not one of these faux feminists complained about it then! So I'm not going to take that article seriously!

EDIT: If you look at Suzanne Moore's Twitter she describes herself as a "Man-hating corporate shill." The article she wrote really shows that.

The immigration figures for this country weren't as high as they are now under Labour. Yeah they rose and then dropped. It's actually the tories who've failed on immigration and the figures show that failure. I believe the intake for 2014 was approx 250.000, much much higher than any time when Labour were in. However those figures do not include people leaving the country so the immigration argument is always skewed.

Something else to remember with immigration is that the people don't always tay here a long time. It's not a benefit free for all as the press like to say at all and they don't get it easy. Many immigrants coming here stay for a few years and go home again. Think about it this way, if they didn't we'd have a population reaching approx 150 million by now!

Example of dodge the issue there. In the meantime, more and more housing needs and the ramifications on our countryside, population levels per se, but hey, let's keep it a political feel good stand rather than a rational ecological one.
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