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Edited Jul 28, 2015, 10:26
Re: Last Night's Result
Jul 28, 2015, 09:49
I think for the Blairites it is less about power (which they seem happy to cede to the Tories) and more about their collective legacy.

The American Neo-Cons are going through a similar process but have gone for plausible deniability rather than the self-delusion of Labour's right. Of course the Americans don't have the fig leaf woven out of successful domestic multiculturalism to protect them from accusations of abetting a racist international class war.

Imagine if a Labour party not driven by genuflection to the forces of international capital and free market madness could win an election! That would give the party and the country a chance to openly reassess Blair's legacy and examine the damage done, sometimes deliberately, more often out of sheer stupidity or greed and to critique the slavish devotion to a discredited branch of economics that has a hydra like capacity to turn up in country after country. What would that say about Blair and co in terms of their place in the social history of this country and Europe in general? A bloody footnote to Thatcherism and not a lot else. That's why their fear Corbyn. Nothing to do with what is good for the country or the party.
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