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Jeremy Corbyn
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Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Sep 07, 2015, 14:33
Locodogz wrote:

I won't often take issue with your views but....

The Tories south of the border made huge political capital out of the 'vote Labour, get the SNP card' so yes, to answer your question the SNP (or the spectre thereof) may well have influenced a vote or two in Bolton West....

Thanks for getting what I was saying, wasn't that complicated a thing to figure out.
Not the SNPs fault people voted for the of course, but if it wasn't for the whole stupid referendum and all that it may have went differently.
I saw George Galloway doing his 'just say naw tour' and he could forsee a consequence of a Tory permanence and the SNP up here for the very things I have illustrated.
IF we voted yes of course, but we are seeing some microcosm of that anyway, and is he an empire lovin' royal watchin' Britnat?
No he isn't. He was speaking about the unity of people, and hopefully we get back to how important that is.
As for 'Scottish sensibilities v everyone else's' well I did see quite a few Yes stickers on the windows of ex council houses, 'gifted' of course to them by none other than Thatcher, so bollocks to that argument.
And if anyone cares to look there is as much suspicion here of EU migrants and all that too.
Getting back to the thread, let's hope Corbyn does it even for the sake of offering proper debate again.
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