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Jeremy Corbyn
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Edited Jul 16, 2015, 11:42
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Jul 16, 2015, 11:40
Sin Agog wrote:
Aw, he was my gran's favourite ever politician before she died (I grew up in Islington). Here's hoping he ends up being a real phoenix from the ashes. What were the odds that one of the last true socialists in Labour's roster would come this close to leading the bloody party? Not...what I expected at all. I figured a political businessman/woman was a shoe-in for the Labour leadership.

Well we should activate & get behind him. I'm sick of hearing that the general public won't accept him, like Michael Foot, or even Ed Milliband. Comparisons to Derek Hatton; the negative Tory backlash - via the Telegraph et al has started already; advocating its readers join the Labour party at a newly reduced rate & vote for Jeremy cos it'll ruin the Labour party forever,cos nobody will vote for such a "radical" left winger. Since when did a humanist become a "radical"? And, what's wrong with radical anyway?
What a hold the Tories have, manipulating us all like a bunch of puppet masters. Are we puppets? Of course they're more worried about Andy Burnham who they think may be electable, being a bland yes sayer; but Jeremy is dangerous,lets make him a joke. Make no mistake they want to decimate the Labour party.Remember Michael Foot at the Cenotaph? Remember Tony Benn?
Anyway I'm preaching to the converted. Should maybe get off my arse & campaign instead of ranting on here.
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