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grufty jim
grufty jim
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Re: Alastair Campbell ...
Aug 11, 2015, 14:21
stray wrote:
Oh well. Thanks for adding some more support to Corbyns campaign Mr Campbell. When are these twats going to realise that they're 'oh noes, the sky will turn red and rain frogs if Corbyn wins' pronouncements are having the complete opposite effect to what they intend. As they're as universally despised by those who will actually be voting as any face on the Tory front bench is.

All we need now is a confused rivers of Trotskyists turning investment banks into creche's speech from David Blunkett.

It continually amazes me that so many members of the New Labour Project - a party that elevated spin and presentation to hitherto unseen heights; that relied on perception above policy more than almost any other in recent times - can possess such a singular lack of self-awareness.

It was like when Blair came out during the last General Election campaign... he genuinely believed he would gain votes for Labour. As opposed to - I suspect - driving those on the Labour left further towards Green and those on the Labour right further towards the tories. There is a serious* campaign to get the guy tried as a war criminal ferchristsakes; he is a million miles from the statesmanlike, unifying figure as which he has cast himself.

I still think Corbyn will end up splitting the Labour Party. And while that may well be the best thing for it in the long run; it could also be risky and go terribly wrong with what's remaining of the UK mainstream left splitting into factions as several visions of how to rebuild the party emerge.

Also, at the same time the lack of an effective left wing opposition may well allow the current British government to accelerate further their destruction of the welfare state. I believe this is a crucial period in terms of addressing some serious long-term problems for our culture - globally, as well as here in Western Europe - and it pains me to see these problems being ignored and/or intensified by a political landscape dominated by apologists for predatory capitalism.

* serious in the sense that a lot of people take it seriously; not in the sense that it might be successful.
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