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Jeremy Corbyn
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Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Jul 31, 2015, 08:44
Ah the press would like you to think that showing even the tiniest bit of humane sympathy makes you an unelectable communist.

This morning on radio 4 they were talking to Dave Ward of the communication workers union - he pointed out how the 'centre' of British politics isn't where it was. (He did go on a bit but you may find it worth listening to. He called the Blairites a 'virus' in the party yesterday, and stood by it).

There's a great appetite for change, look how people leapt at voting for the liberal democrats (before they started shoring up the tories) and this time the green party. People have been banging on about how a more left wing stance would make labour unelectable. But they're unelectable now because they've got nothing that distinguishes them from the tories as far as I'm concerned. At least a pretence that they defend working people and vulnerable groups would be a start. It's ages until the next election and unless labour works out what it stands for it really will make itself unelectable.

anyway I personally feel happy every time I hear more people are backing JC and that it's winding up his opposition.

rant over, it's too early (cup of tea mk2 not even finished)
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