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Jeremy Corbyn
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Edited Jun 30, 2015, 14:25
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Jun 30, 2015, 14:24
thesweetcheat wrote:
The political consensus has moved so far to the right of where it was in the 70s that any hint of even vaguely left policy is viewed as nothing short of revolutionary Bolshevism. You only have to look at the way the media portrayed "Red" Ed.

Thatcher won, for the foreseeable future anyway.

Even more reason why Labour should be a party of the left and leave off with this gutless turditure of social democracy. It's not about winning (at least not until the monetarist experiment blows another gasket), it is about proclaiming a clear, credible alternative that doesn't involve genuflecting to the City of London. Stop chasing popularity, stand ground on the left and let people come to you as the right are discredited.
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