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Jeremy Corbyn
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grufty jim
grufty jim
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Edited Sep 10, 2015, 13:23
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Sep 10, 2015, 13:22
Locodogz wrote:
Thats rather like saying "people didn't leave town because a hurricane was coming, they left because the weather forecast told them a hurricane was coming" Namely the end result, exodus of people, had nothing to do with the hurricane, just down to the people delivering the message. Except in the case of the SNP people could see on a daily basis the strength of their polling, as opposed to an as yet unseen storm over the horizon.

But hey, if thats what you believe.....

Yes, it is what I believe.

I believe there is a fundamental difference in the category of information imparted by (a) political propaganda; and (b) the weather forecast.

I don't feel they can be usefully compared in the way you have done, and are certainly not analogous in the way two political campaigns might be.

Oddly enough though, I'm working on a paper right now that uses the distinction between a literal Vs metaphorical storm to illustrate the core rift between history and mythology. The failure / inability to make that distinction lies at the root of much religious (and other forms of) fundamentalism.

I'm not for a moment suggesting you're a religious fundamentalist. This category error can be found all over the place. We are all guilty of it to a greater or lesser degree in different ways. And in this case, it's standing between us and any chance of agreement.

Anyway; to paraphrase you back at yourself; do feel free to have the last word(s) on this. I think my race is run on the U-Know! Forum. I'm not walking off in a huff or anything - and it wasn't solely to do with this thread, Locodogz, which has been more civil than most of late.

I quit facebook and twitter several months ago; and I'm just finding social media a tad alienating. The modern world is already alienating enough without it!

These days it's very rare for me to read anything on this forum I actually agree with. And my own posts generate far more negative responses than positive or neutral. That's not a demand for others to change their views; it's an acknowledgement I'm probably in the wrong place.

Take care all.
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