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Jeremy Corbyn
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Edited Aug 04, 2015, 19:47
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Aug 04, 2015, 18:33
Rhiannon wrote:
even the guardian, which is rather disappointing.

but "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" perhaps

You can see from the reaction in Camden last night and at other events around the country over the last week or so, he has in effect already won. Even if he should lose the actual leadership election. The left has woken up and sees a path forward for itself. If he should win and the right of the party stab him in the back there will be hell to pay. Again he wins even if he loses.

The mainstream media can fuck itself. In this instance their insistence that he is a crackpot simply helps push people who are actively interested the other way. They forget it's not a general election. It's not an election where fear is driving anything. It's an election driven uniquely by optimism.

Too late for the Blairites and the collaborators to embrace and neuter him now. Only Burnham has woken up to that tactical error and I think it took the Iain Dale LBC debate to do that. This was the show where a Tory broadcaster basically tells the three Tories they suck at politics. Well worth a listen.

All the opposition has left is the self-defeating capacity to dole out personal assaults. Worst of all is the complicity of the careerists within the party who cannot face the idea that it might be about ideas and being gutsy in opposition not quietly waiting your turn at holding the wheel of state without a shred of either. Corbyn can do the thing that sincere and charismatic leftists have always been able to do - get people out on the streets. Chris Leslie and Liz Kendall would probably have trouble getting their own families to march for them.

At 53 I have never ever known anything like this. I imagine this is a little like how the supporters of other populist parties have felt in recent years. It's brilliant.
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