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Jeremy Corbyn
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Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Sep 08, 2015, 14:20
Hmmm at the risk of straying into Dodge type territory I'd counter your 'show me evidence that it did' with a 'show me evidence that it didn't'?!?

The only evidence that I can offer I fear is the huge effort that the Tories (and Tory press) put behind the 'vote Labour, get the SNP card' - almost to the exclusion of any other argument. Grasping, manipulative but not (entirely) stupid - I'd suggest that they wouldn't have done this if they didn't think it would play to their advantage?

I think that most of us here come from a leftist - wouldn't vote Tory if my life depended on it stance. As such its hard to accept/understand that there are (if the polls be believed) many many people who will flit between the parties. For one I find it completely plausible that there were significant numbers of marginal Labour supporters whose fear/dislike of the SNP would be enough to if not change their vote, then persuade them not to cast it.

BTW I agree that - in the myriad of reasons that Labour lost the election, a basic failure to connect with the wider electorate was undoubtedly a major factor. I'd just disagree with your assertion that the SNP performance north of the border had no impact on the Labour vote south of it.
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