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Jeremy Corbyn
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Edited Sep 04, 2015, 21:08
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Sep 04, 2015, 21:05
Sanctuary wrote:

Would seem to be but I wont actually believe it until I actually see him on the podium at conference giving his maiden speech as leader.

I worry slightly at some of the reactions on Twitter. We are not electing a dictator. He is going to have to lead the party with a lot of carrot and only some stick. He is going to play on being the voice of polite reason, daring people to go against the common sense line. He's not Che and I fear people are expecting more in terms of fireworks than he can truly deliver. What he is going to do is put the things we care about at the front of the news agenda day in day out. His colleagues will struggle to argue against the line without looking just like the other side. And traitors t'boot. That is real progress.

It is very encouraging that many of the economists backing him appear to be the same economists who saw the '08 crash coming and said-so. Problem is that they'll need to find a way of explaining what happened and why (and what needs to happen next) to our own bloody MPs before even starting to explain it to the electorate.

For all their Oxbridge educations and politico "smarts" the current shadow cabinet simply can't face the idea that so many of their friends and peer group, people they go to parties and play tennis with, could actually be the same people responsible for taking us to the brink of meltdown. Does not compute. Especially for Cooper.
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