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Jeremy Corbyn
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Captain Starlet
Captain Starlet
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Re: Last Night's Result
Jul 27, 2015, 15:01
He's the only one out of the contenders who has a sense of 'principles' (if that's something still within a politician) and last week's abstaining from most of the party showed that. I'm not going to rejoin Labour, they're currently not a party that I want to support, living in Wales the only left wing parties here are Green or Plaid. Labour are really gearing towards more centre-right, which is not what the vast majority of Labour supporters want (going by those I've spoken to).

The fearmongery from the blairites right now really rings bells with their fiasco over the Scotland referendum, a load of bs that cameron himself was surely proud of, and probably laughing at right now and they wonder why people don't trust them!

I think it was Margaret Becket who put forward JC as a leadership candidate and now says she regrets it, as he's got a chance of winning. The sheer pointlessness and hypocrisy of that appalls me and really shows the pettiness within the party right now. I hope Jeremy wins and sorts the party out. I don't think it matters right now whether he's considered PM material as there's another 5 very long years until the next GM, but he's got the capacity, if elected as leader, to steer the party back to a party that supports the people again. Something they've lost over the past decade or so.
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