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Jeremy Corbyn
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Edited Sep 06, 2015, 20:25
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Sep 06, 2015, 14:04
thispoison wrote:

You never stop trying to trash the SNP do you? Why do you hate them more than the Tories? They are the enemy.
Clueless, absolutely clueless

The SNP created divisions that allowed the Tories in.
Simple as.
And it suits the both to keep it that way.

One cultivates English nationalism, the other Scottish Nationalism.
Oh and please don't tell me 'the SNP are not nationalists' that is BS.
During the GE run up they were handing out little saltires to the kiddies on the street stalls.

Same political tropes as BNP and UKIP. Disgusting.

We need to think together now, ref is over, yet still they have the odd newbie still yapping on about 'another one'.

What does that do for Scotland?

Not much, but allows the SNP to keep with the false narrative of 'keeping the tories out', preside over a sham of a police force (who on top of incompetence are routinely armed, levels of stop and search higher than inner city London, kids targeted also - please do your homework), and whose priorities include reducing corporation tax and air passenger duty (hardly socialist and hardly green - despite all their rhetoric).

Oh, and of course they like to big up how PFI is all a 'red tory/blue tory' construct yet here we have this.

Again and again they LIE about wiping out private spending on state projects.


State guardians for under 18s (yet a reduced voting age of 16), a mega database, all there if you are interested.

Why do you think Corbyn would criticise them?
Because he's right wing?
Get real!
He sees through their utter hypocrisy!

More people have to as well, unless they are just voting for a flag, at least it's a pure position, but not one I'd ever subscriber to.

Makes me sick.

I am gald that they now are the third largest Westminster party for the fact more of their BS will be uncovered.

No where to hide.

Not any more.
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