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Re: Alastair Campbell ...
Aug 12, 2015, 15:16
dhajjieboy wrote:

You seem to dwell on the limitations.
I believe in surmounting the difficulties.
Through actual action.
Enjoy your sophistry.

It could have been worse, I could have pointed out that your original 'we are all responsible for our own actions.' was a bit odd considering what you were replying to.

I edit to correct my grammar, spelling and also to clarify things sometimes. I've no problem with using the word cunt to describe you. Also, I hardly use it constantly, just when it is merited.

I would like to note in closing that the bit left quoted of you above does not by any stretch amount to a successful reply to the issues/problems raised with the blinkered holier than thou stance you always seem to take. Yes, you are a wonderful warrior who is always taking actions to improve the lot of us all while we do nothing but talk, we get it. Bask in your superiority to us, we are naught but wankers in your eyes.

The reality is most of us here have been involved in direct action and protest (and still are) while you were just playing flash games on Newgrounds. But lets not let reality get in the way of your wonderful vision of yourself and your great and singular contributions.

I also realise that the best way to annoy you is to not reply. So I won't bother myself deconstructing or correcting your future rants that serve only to highlight how you are.. 'Doing something, ffs, me, me'. It's been a slow day and I felt like a laugh, so I poked you.
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