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Jeremy Corbyn
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grufty jim
grufty jim
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Edited Aug 18, 2015, 15:54
Re: Jeremy Corbyn
Aug 18, 2015, 15:51
thesweetcheat wrote:
To be honest the party would be better without them in the long term.

I don't disagree with that at all. But the splitting of political parties and movements is inherently unpredictable and often causes a lot of collateral damage (to everyone involved).

I've read extensively about the split between the anarchist and communist left in the mid / late 1800s (often viewed as a split between Marx and Proudhon, but it was far deeper and wider than that). In my view, it was that split which effectively ushered in the modern capitalist era. Others disagree of course (and most capitalists will sneer at such a suggestion and insist that modern capitalism was inevitable). But by ripping apart Labour Unions and revolutionary organisations at such a crucial time, I don't think any objective observer can deny the split certainly reduced the ability of socialism to offer a coherent alternative to the emerging corporate culture.


EDIT: I'm well aware that the situations are very different. And this is not a split between two radical tendencies, but rather a (potential) shedding of an impediment to radicalism. But my basic point is about the inherent unpredictability of such splits. And I do worry about the fate of the NHS if Labour enters the wilderness for any period of time.

Yes, it's arguable they have already entered the wilderness. So again; let's be clear, I enthusiastically welcome a Corbyn victory and what it represents. I am simply sounding a note of caution.

I recall partying in the streets when Blair took power. So let's not get carried away, or count any chickens just yet.
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