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Global Fascist Dictatorship
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Deepinder Cheema
Deepinder Cheema
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Edited Apr 01, 2018, 03:45
Re: Zephiloyd
Apr 01, 2018, 03:28
zephiloyd wrote:
zerkalo wrote:

Well we'll just have to agree to disagree, whether you are an anti-semite or not, your statement on the holocaust is offensive period.

Anti-semitism is a bullshit term used by suckers who have been programmed with lying history. Anyone who is perceived with associating a particular crime with Judaism can be conveniently demonised with the throw away term "anti-semite". It involves no explanation, because everybody has been programmed at school to associate Jews with persecution and so it is very effective. Even the very mention of the word "Jew" people sway in shock and horror, because their programming informs them that that person is an "anti-semitic". This is the kind of pathetic political correctness which is now rife in the West. The ADL are excellent at promoting this crap. I do not deny the holocaust, but I do question the figure six million, there is simply no evidence for it, it was more like one or two. However, due to your programming, you probably want me imprisoned for saying that.

The fear of being brandished an antisemite is even enough to put people off investigating conspiracy. After a certain amount of investigation, the apparent global controllers appear Jewish, but this not the case, significant research reveals that they are Luciferian. The Rothschilds are both Jewish and Luciferian, appearing Jewish to the world, but behind closed doors, the freemasonic luciferian order is dominant. It is false to believe that the 33rd degree level is at the top. Freemasonry is built on secrets, which is why the real agenda of freemasonry is not apparent to 99% of freemasons, each level reveals new secrets.

It is very complex at the top of the pyramid, due to the secrecy it is difficult to know the facts, but The Jesuits, gods soldiers, answering only to The Black Pope, appear to be near the summit. There are numerous interlocking secret societies around the world, but it is thought that there are only 13 families which rule the world. Above them research indicates that it goes into central Earth, to the group soul of lucifer, Earth is hollow and inhabited by other beings, tribal people's history confirms this, as do the writings of Freemasons, Tolkein, C S Lewis and Lewis Carroll. See how it fits? The freemasons know secrets about the world, and some, like the above expose it through children's literature. There are entrances at the north and south pole, and the aurora borealis is the cenral sun interacting with our atmosphere. Then right at the very top, seems to be the council of nine who live in/on Saturn, and probably some sort of god after that.

zerkalo wrote:

You aren't convincing me with this cut and paste approach to your argument, this is like an endless stream of claims from Rense.com/Prison Planet/Conspiracy Files etc etc etc. I've read them all before, all speculation and linking threads of so called evidence NO solid evidence based on FACT. Don't believe everything you read (isn't that what conspiracy theorists tell us), just because it's on an Alex Jones website doesn't make it anymore truthful than a Rupert Murdoch publication. Show me the facts and I might buy your arguments better. The notion that the major historical events of the 20th century were orchestrated by a small elite is a gross oversimplification and actually quite laughable. So the Rothchild's financed the Bolshevik revolution to pit east again west for their aim of future global domination and even gave us their family colour red as the symbol of Communism, bullshit, did they orchestrate the weather in Russia that made the grain harvests fail, that caused mass starvation, hardly. The world is a big dynamic and unpredictable place and not populated by programmable robots as you will have us all believe.

You talk about solid evidence based on Fact. Unfortunately the supposed fact offered by the mainstream is full of holes, yet we are supposed to accept that as the fact. Mainstream history never documents the real power behind these puppet leaders, ie. the funders, it makes you believe that it is random. It isn't, they keep secrets that they don't want you to know, via compartmentalisation of the scholars and the restriction of valid reading. You just haven't spent as much time as I have doing this.

As I have already said the 1964 gulf of Tonkin incident is declassified now. As conspiracy theorists said for decades, it is now confirmed to be staged government terrorism, which lead to the death of millions of people in the Vietnam war. The same military industrial complex which did this, is still doing this sort of shit now!

Topical bullshit term has returned.
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