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Global Fascist Dictatorship
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Re: Global Fascist Dictatorship
Oct 04, 2010, 22:23
Why the attitude, I wasn't being impolite? If somebody told me that the presidents and prime ministers of the world had consistently referenced "The New World Order" without giving further explanation, something which Hitler spoke of, and I didn't know anything about it, I would certainly like to be informed.

There is nothing about the moon landings in the film, please don't belittle the subject, it is very serious, and I am merely trying to inform.

Eisenhower warned the people of this current situation in his leaving address in 1961, then Kennedy exposed the secret societies in an address to the nation a few months later, and look what happened to him.

A year ago I had no idea about this stuff, until someone pointed me in the right direction. Now I am doing the same thing so that others can be educated and prepared. We need to unite and take back power from the murdering scum that rule the world. The richest banking family in the world, The Rothschilds, who the UK government work for, funded both sides of the two world wars, so that they would still win, whatever the outcome. The elite play with peoples lives over generations, whilst the people are busy with there daily distractions, their masterplan goes unseen and any attempt at exposing it, is dissmissed by the compartmentalised mainstream media. There is a sustained campaign against conspiracy theorists and their theories, Hollywood and the mainstream media use NLP techniques to influence the people away from investigating them, as demonstrated here.


People have become soft, lazy and decadent, and it is no accident that due to the police state, protesting anything is much more difficult than it used to be.

Here Bill Gates lets slip that vaccines are for population reduction, which can only mean that they are intended for sterilization or killing people off. The global elite pose as liberals by day but are ruthless killers by night, they spin a web of lies.


This is a vast subject, that most people have a standard reaction to, ie. attacking the messenger and dismissal, because it is so different to their current view on reality, the idea that they have been lied to their entire lives is ludicrous. It is no accident, that it has been kept from you, it is not for your benefit. But many are now saying things like "I thought all these conspiracy theories were a load of rubbish, but they are true, I was wrong!".

The approach to take is to suspend your programmed understanding of reality, and investigate for several weeks, before forming an opinion. Then you will have passed the point of no return, and you will never be the same again. The process is called "waking up", and it removes the mainstream media brainwashing, but it is for your benefit ultimately, because you will be stronger and more stable on the other side, because you will understand geopolitics and be able to identify the real enemy of mankind. If you are interested in politics then you will find the subject fascinating.

Very few of you reading this will do this, but if just one person does then I have done some good.

They created the left right paradigm to divide and conquer the people. The left were told that the right were the enemy, and the right were told that the left were the enemy, whilst the real enemy controlled both sides in secret. Exposing this is where the real revolution is.

It is a shame Julian Cope hasn't looked into it, but I guess if you don't know that it is there to look into you won't. It is great that he blasts the pope, but has he ever exposed the real force behind the Vatican, Adolpho Nicholas, The Black Pope, who is the head of the Jesuits? I doubt it.
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