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Global Fascist Dictatorship
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Re: Global Fascist Dictatorship
Oct 06, 2010, 12:59
zephiloyd wrote:
dodge one wrote:
The other thing too....you seem to be on the verge of tears that no one is taking you quite as seriously as you'd hoped.
Well poor fucking YOU !
I think though, that there are a couple of folks here who will take you on as special project.
Perhaps they will long windedly try to talk you down from your ledge too.
Not me though.

All I wanted was for people to look into it. You don't have to believe me, you just need to research it like I did. But people will not, and make their replies all about the messenger. I can provide sunstantial evidence that the education system, government and mainstream media is persistently lying to the people, yet you have formulated your views as a result of the information you have been programmed with via this media, this is why they are called programmes. Do you still think there are WMDs in Iraq?

Perhaps some of us have. Perhaps you don't give us credit, because you cluster-bombed the place and presented yourself as a bit of a loon.

9/11 conspiracies are busted. They are busted by peope with sound engineering experience. I got hooked up in it, cast an engineering eye'd view and could see it was bollox. Quite frankly there are unanswered questions, but the majority is bollox.

There have been many doomsday religions. Some even committing suicide for their beliefs, but the rest of us just get on living. That's the way it is... That's the way it'll be after 2012. By the way, what's the correlation between the Mayan and Gregorian calendar? ISTR there were somne years missed out.

The Bilderbergs are no secret. Mandelson is a member, everyone knows this but they still vote labour, I thought Brown (and Mandelson) are 100% complete, control-freak arseholes, but Lizards I don't believe.

The old Masonic plot. Well, that's always a cracker. My family has a history of Freemasonry and I joined, and became elevated to find out what the Big Conspiracy was all about. I was disappointed as I joined what in effect is an amateur dramatics club, where all the 'secrets' are avail on the web and it's a dying organisation. I personally know a 32nd degree mason (There's only 33 degrees), believe me, he's not in on any great New World Order conspiracy. It's not a threat to anyone. I don't practice anymore, I got bored quite frankly.

There it is.
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